"I would encourage anyone considering using your company to outfit their party needs to hire your services." Dennis Stanton


RJM Entertainment's photography provides that treasured memory for any event.  Whether the event is a family gathering, or with all of your friends, photograph transfers gives your guests something extra special to take home; a party favor they will enjoy forever after the event.  Not only can the photos be taken at the event, advanced printing is available. 

From Bar/Bat Mitzvah's to benefits, and anything in between, RJM Entertainment will put together all the elements for you and your guests to enjoy.  Photograph items are perfect as promotional products.  The products are great for charity events, schools, colleges, clubs, and community events.  Use RJM Entertainment's professional stands to earn money for your next fund raiser and let us turn your next event into an affair to remember! 

Here are some examples of the products RJM Entertainment can provide:

         Frames (6" x 8"):


         Bobbleheads (4" Tall):

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fireman.jpeg (6833 bytes) football.jpeg (6898 bytes) graduate.jpeg (8151 bytes) hockey.jpeg (7796 bytes)
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         Even Snow Globes, Key Chains and Magnet Frames:

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         Here are some other products we offer:



RJM Entertainment can even scan in your existing photo, or company logo, and print them too!  If you do not see a product you are interested in, just ask.

The Photograph Products are designed for use at all affairs.  The stand uses only 10' x 15' in space and operates on a single 110VAC 15Amp wall outlet.

Are you ready for your photo?

To view and obtain a copy of the Computer Portraits brochure (Microsoft Word or PDF Format), click Portraits Flier (Word) or Portraits Flier (PDF).


Prices of the Computer Portraits are determined by availability and dates.  Product availability subject to change.

The Computer Portraits are still provided by the original RJM Entertainment owners, Rob and Diane Magdule. Contact them today for your next event!